HOORAY, FRIENDS! You can FINALLY pre-order my firstborn book, If You Ain’t Cheatin’, You Ain’t Tryin’ and Other Lessons I Learned in the Army by supporting my Kickstarter! You’ll be the first to hold it in your waiting hands, and also get all kinds of custom gratitude rewards – plus, of course, my undying appreciation. Watch the official trailer (featuring my own photos and music) and pre-order now!

This book is my answer to all of the questions you’ve asked me about the military and quite a few you haven’t. I’ve been plugging away at it in bits and pieces for more than a decade, and now it’s ready for you to read – and with your support, it can get out to the rest of the world, too! 

Everyone who supports my Kickstarter is supporting not just a book, and not just the stories I’ve needed to share for nearly fifteen years, but lessons that thousands of recruitable young people have literally been dying to learn. Rather than wait for a publisher to give their seal of approval, I decided to move forward on my own to get the word out to the kids even “quicklier” (one of my favorite Army words).

Because I’ve already self-funded or DIY’d nearly ALL of this project – mostly using my VA disability payments for PTSD, for maximum irony – the campaign is primarily raising money for promotiondistribution, and, if there’s a bit left over, reimbursing myself for expenses. These include production, the book trailer you see here, the interior layout/design of the book, a professional critical review of the pre-released manuscript, and the extra therapy I’ve needed along the way 😉 

Kidding/mostly not kidding about that last one – this book has been a hell of a soul project. It’s been an incredible, ultimately priceless journey that has brought me to the edges of my own life experience and back again, at every kind of expense and with great gratitude.  

In short, wrapped up in this relatively-small list is a much larger investment, which I’m more than happy to have made. That said — I still need your help to get this book out of my head and into the hands of even more readers!

To all of you who support this project, at any level, thank you so much! You are my forever heroes, and now that I’ve finally gotten this book out of my head and onto actual pages, I can’t wait to get it into your hands!!

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