New single! “It’s All Right To Not Be Okay”

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“It’s All Right To Not Be Okay” is ALIVE!


Click here to save your spot at the watch party! We’ll watch the “It’s All Right To Not Be Okay” video premiere together like the fam we are, then you can stick around if you have anything to ask or tell, or even if you just want to say hello in real time! I haven’t been able to do any livestreaming in a long while and I’m looking forward to connecting with your wonderful supportive faces! I had an incredible time working on this with videographer Cai Indermauer, and am so excited to share our vision and their talents with you. Here’s that link one more time!

VIRTUAL RAFFLE: Win a bunch of fun prizes—including a merch bundle, a private Zoom concert, a virtual coffee date, a personal songwriting workshop, and more! All you have to do is:
1. Share the song and video on your socials
2. Tag @joydamianimusic
3. Use hashtags #newjoydamiani #itsallrighttonotbeokay

Winners will be announced New Year’s Day!

I’m beyond elated to share this new songchild with all of you! The holidays aren’t an easy time of year for everyone, so I’m happy to birth this newest addition to my songfamily on the Winter Solstice – the darkest day of the year – in hopes of bringing some brightness and who knows, maybe even a little validation, to anyone who might need the short-sweet lil mantra that helped get me through the darkest days of the pandemic. The art was drawn as a self portrait by my 7-year-old cousin, Amelia Jacobs, and I thought it was the perfect wrapping for this Solstice gift. Luckily the artist agreed!

I’m doing things a bit differently this time around, and “It’s All Right To Not Be Okay” won’t be live on Spotify for a few weeks – now is your chance to hear/download it FIRST! and don’t worry, you’ll still be first to get the Spotify link when it goes live!

This songbaby is an extra-special one – the first to share my new name! It was such a treat to record it with Pamela Parker at the legendary Hyde Street Studios, and especially with the talents of drummer Daria Johnson and bassist Jen Rund in the rooms, it was truly an unforgettable experience.

Sending love out to all of you on this Solstice! I hope your days are merry and bright but even if they’re not, let’s not take it personally—it’s all right to not be okay.

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