New video: “Good Riddance, Fake B*tches”

Dedicated to fake b*itches everywhere. Love and light! :-*

Music/lyrics/audio/video/performance/production by Joy Damiani
With creative contributions from Natalie Earnhart
Special thanks to Allegra Heidelinde for costumery


Chorus –
Good riddance, fake b*tches and two-faced friends
I can’t wait to never see you again
I wasted too many good years of my life
Having your back, when you were just stabbing mine
You waltzed into my life with a smile
A smile you never did mean
I knew you were shallow and I shoulda known how low
You’d go to keep your nose clean


Your face is all smiling and your lies so beguiling
As you wish me love and light, but
Your words are as empty as your yoga pants are too tight
You might think I’m petty for writing this song
But I bet everybody will soon sing along
Because they’ve met you too, yeah they know you quite well
And they all agree with me that you can go straight to


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